Blast From The Past!

Hello I’m Olivia, this is my first blog post. I decided to do a blast from the past because I’m in year 6 and I have been at this school since Nursery. My teacher is called Miss Bishop and she is the best teacher ever. My Head teacher is called Mr Sherriff. Next year I’m going High School.

Now lets think of a memory, I have got over Mr Platt leaving now. Mr Platt was one of the best teachers ever, but sadly he had to leave. At this school he had lots of fun and sadness, he even taught my sister for a year. We were so sad to see him go, but he has a different job and he has promised to come to our levers assembly, I hope he does. 

That is all for today, come back and see the new blog posts, thanks for reading, see you soon bye!           

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