Year 4

Year 4

Mrs Unsworth

Autumn 2017

English Writing: Children will plan their writing by discussing writing similar to that which they are planning to write in order to understand and learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar.  They will be writing a short story, creating characters, settings and plot. They will be creating a diary entry using a varied and rich vocabulary by increasing their range of sentence structure.  They will continue to extend their grammar and punctuation skills using the scheme ‘Grammar Hammer’ and regular spelling and grammar sessions.

Reading: During the autumn term, children will read a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, reading independently and in group situations.  They will practice reading aloud in order to improve their oral skills.  They will listen and respond appropriately and ask questions to extend their understanding.  They will apply their growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes.

Reading Comprehension: They will develop a positive attitude to reading and read for a range of purposes. They will use a dictionary to understand new words that they have read and identify themes and conventions in a variety of books. Group and class discussions will take place in order to predict, discuss, understand and retrieve and record information.  Using our new spelling scheme ‘Read, Write Inc’ they will have daily practice sessions in order to embed their learning.

Speaking and Listening: Your child will be taking a more active role in class sessions using strategies to extend their vocabulary, give well-structured descriptions, explanations and participate actively in conversations, initiating and responding to comments. They will consider and evaluate different viewpoints, building on the contributions of others.

Maths: This term will see the introduction of our new scheme ‘Maths No Problem’, as our aim is to improve the standard of maths education by providing the children with textbooks, teaching resources and professional development which is based on the transformational teaching methods developed in Singapore.  The National Curriculum will be covered in a way that allows all children to work at greater depth.

Religion: During the autumn term children will look at the life of David in the Bible and the writing of the Psalms.  They will see how Christmas is celebrated all over the world and how Jesus is portrayed as the ‘Light of the World’.

Worship: The school value for the autumn term is ‘Koinonia’, where the children will look at its meaning, embedding our Christian beliefs of belonging, working together within the community and coming together to share our values in collective worship.

Homework: My Maths is set weekly, this helps your child with the work being taught in the classroom.  Spellings are sent home which the children will learn for the following Monday.  I have also set homework based on the curriculum coverage for the first half-term which you can also find in homework books. Homework is sent home on Friday and is due back the following Thursday. It remains important that the children practice times tables, spellings and read at home frequently in order to support their learning in class.


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