Year 3

Year 3

Mrs Cumberbatch*

*Mrs Cumberbatch is now on maternity leave. Miss McDowall will be teaching the class in her absence.

Autumn 2017

English Writing:  Children will continue on from Year 2 to secure their use of basic skills such as capital letters, full stops and forming their letters correctly and joining. They will be learning the correct use of tenses, organising their work into paragraphs and writing for a specific audience. We are going to be using texts such as ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes to inspire our writing which will include diary entries, newspaper articles, scripts and short stories.

English Reading: During the autumn term, the children will read a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, reading independently and in group, guided reading sessions. They will practice reading aloud in order to improve their oral skills. They will listen and be able to answer questions, read between the lines and understand how certain stories have an effect on the reader.

Speaking and Listening: Your child will be taking an active role in class sessions using strategies to extend their vocabulary, give well-structured explanations and be able to evaluate their own and others’ learning critically using our ABC cups system to support one another. The children will be leading a lot of their own learning through debating their ideas and approaches to learning with peers and in front of the class.

Maths: Children will continue to work on number and place value, practicing multiplication tables and solving problems involving the four operations. They will begin to further their understanding of problem-solving and solving problems involving shape, space and measure. We are currently beginning a scheme of work called ‘Maths – No Problem!’ which involves the children taking a hands-on approach to their maths through practical activities.

Collective Worship: The children are learning about the Christian value of ‘Koinonia’ this half term, through stories, craft, drama and prayer activities.

Blog: This term the children will be introduced to the school blog and will be encouraged to write on the blog about their activities at school, extra-curricular sports of clubs they may be part of, or anything else they feel others would like to read about. Your child will be given their own log-in to the blog and can post from home – comments, content and privacy are monitored closely by the school.

Homework: Spellings and a topic based homework will be set on a Friday and is due back the following Wednesday. Children need to practice times tables (particularly the 3s, 4s and 8s), spellings and reading at home frequently to support their learning in class.


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