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Mrs Livingston*

*Mrs Livingston is now on maternity leave. Mr Donohue will be teaching the class until the summer.

Summer 2017

English Writing: As well as focusing on handwriting and making sure the children form their letters (and numbers) correctly, we will be looking at the text Jack and the Beanstalk. We will discuss the story and look at different variations of the text. We will look at the story from the point of view of other characters and write letters.

English Reading: It is important that each child practise their reading most days. Books will be changed each week. To help with their reading, please encourage your child to sound out unfamiliar words then blend them together. When they are reading a sentence, if they stop at a word to sound it out, once they have done this, start the sentence again so that they get a good understanding of the sentence. Example sentence: The man went to the shop. If your child reads: The m-a-n. Start the sentence again at the beginning. The man w-e-n-t. Start the sentence again until they can read it all without having to sound out any of the letters.

English Phonics: As the phonics screening test approaches in June, we will continue our daily phonics lessons and aim to give the children the opportunity to have a good understanding of the different phonemes (sounds) and to recognize the different graphemes. (the letters we use to spell the sound)

Maths: In mathematics, we will be looking at numbers and the number system. Understanding the value of each digit in a 2 and 3 digit number. Counting on and back in different patterns (1’s, 2’s, 5’s & 10’s) through the 100 barrier and addressing any misconceptions. Solving 1 and 2 step problems using addition and subtraction can always bring problems for children – we will look to practise different strategies using number lines and using mathematical language such as: more then, less than, equal to, is a balance, least & most. We will also be looking at recognising number bonds to 20. 

RE: We will be looking at different ‘saints’ and discussing the 12 disciples who followed Jesus. We will look at different stories (parables) of the disciples and examine what we can learn from the story.

Homework: We will continue to send homework home on Friday. Please try and help to support your child

Polite reminders: Water bottles are a must to keep brains hydrated and it is best if water bottles are filled at home initially as this avoids congestion at the fountains in school first thing in a morning. (Water only, with lids that allow the children to suck). PE kits must be brought in on Monday and left in school till Friday; trainers are not needed for outdoor games. Reading books will be changed weekly and 2 new books will be issued weekly unless otherwise agreed. Also, if you have any free time when you could volunteer to work with a reading group in school, please let one of us know.


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