Miss Fowler

Summer 2018

Polite reminders: Please can you ensure your child has a water bottle in school this term. The weather will hopefully be changing and getting warmer and it is important your child has a water bottle in school. On the note of warmer weather please can you make sure you put sun cream on your child before they come to school on days when it is necessary. If you feel that your child will need extra sun cream on during the day you are welcome to come into school during lunch time to apply more. In Early Years we spend a lot of time learning outdoors so it is also important your child brings a sun hat to school when necessary this term.

P.E kits need to be in school all week, P.E kits should include t-shirt, shorts and pumps/trainers. Reception have P.E on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Reading books will be changed weekly on a Monday.  The children will receive a ‘guided’ reading book which they have read with the class teacher and independent reading book which they have chosen themselves. Children should be reading for at least 5 minutes per night at home.

English Writing/Reading: Through our topic of Transport we will be learning about non-fiction texts and the features of non-fiction texts. We will be writing our own class information pages about various Transport by using these features and applying them in our work. We will also be looking at a range of stories about Transport and writing our own adventure stories as well as writing about our own experiences of different transport.

English Phonics: The children will continue to learn new sounds in phonics this term and will be consolidating their learning and applying their knowledge of new sounds in their reading and writing. The children on average learn 3-4 new sounds per week in school during phonics. It is important the children practice these sounds at home as well as the ones they have learnt previously.

Maths: We are practicing recognizing numbers to 20, counting to 20 and beyond, and placing numbers to 20 in order. We will continue practicing finding one more and one less than a number up to 20 and will also be learning new problem solving skills including doubling, halving and sharing.

Religion: During the summer term our topic in R.E is Special places, times and objects. There half term, this topic will be broken down into two smaller topics ‘Friendship’ and ‘Special Places’. Friendship – we will be learning about the qualities of friendship and how Jesus is our friend. Special Places – we will be thinking about our own special places and how the church is also a special places for us.

Worship: The school values for the summer term are ‘Compassion’ and ‘Thankfulness’.

Homework: Children should be reading their school and home reading books every night for 5-10 minutes. A large part of reading is comprehension so reading with your child may consist of sharing a story and asking your child questions about the story rather than them reading to you. Children need to continue to learn their key words in school and at home. The children should now be able to read and write sets 1-10 and now be moving on to writing the key words in sentences. This term we will be introducing new ‘I can write a sentence’ books for Miss Fowler and Mrs Wood’s phonics groups. Please encourage your child to write 1 sentence per day using the new sounds in their phonics sound bags. Books will be collected in on a Friday and there will be a prize for those children who have written a sentence every night.

Blog: This term the children will be ‘blogging’, this is a new venture for the children but one that will hopefully enthuse learning and allow the children to share their experiences whilst in school.


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