Week Beginning Monday 4th December

Good afternoon,

I have completed my monitoring of teaching across the school.  I would like to reassure parents that the teaching and ‘learning’ (the most important aspect in my view) at Lowton St Mary’s is of a consistently ‘good’ quality, and in some classes children receive teaching and learning of the ‘highest’ quality.

Next week, we are looking forward to our annual Christmas Markets so I hope to see you all there on Thursday afternoon.  Preparations are going well, and I would like to place on record my thanks to the ‘LSM PTA’ for their support, energy, commitment and for ‘making a difference’ organising this event, where the funds raised will improve the education experiences of your children.

Also, I look forward to seeing all of you over the course of our two Parent-Teacher SHARE afternoon and evenings next week.  We have extended our loan of the book fair, so that it will be open over Parents’ Evenings should you wish to purchase any books, poster or stationery. Good idea for Christmas gifts, plus school gets a commission on whatever is made.

Finally, in our quest to improve pupil autonomy and develop independent learners, tonight (or any night) rather than asking your child: What did you do today at school?  How was your day? Try asking:

Did you make a good mistake? Were you resilient in Maths? Did you ask a good question?

Have a great weekend.

Mr Sherriff

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