If you need to speak informally to Mr Sherriff, he is usually available on the playground both before and after school as pupils enter or leave class. If you wish to speak to him in private, or your child’s teacher, it will be necessary to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time. To make an appointment, or for more general enquiries about Lowton St Mary’s, please contact the School Office on 01942 769 710.

Everyone has an important part to play in our community, so we encourage a polite and courteous atmosphere at all times from parents, children and staff. In this way Lowton St Mary’s will remain a happy environment for all and greatly helps with communication between home and school.

Teaching Staff

Mr Sherriff – Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Foster – Deputy-Headteacher, SENCo, Deputy-Safeguarding Lead, Early Years Manager & Year 2 Teacher

Miss Ryder – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Millin – Reception Teacher

Mrs Livingston – Year 1 Teacher* (On maternity leave)

Miss Dootson- Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Cumberbatch – Year 3 Teacher* (On maternity leave)

Miss McDowall – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Unsworth – Year 4 Teacher & Sports Co-Ordinator

Mrs Dooley – Year 5 Teacher & Key Stage Two Manager

Miss Bishop – Year 6 Teacher


School Office Staff

Mrs McMullen – Business Manager

Mrs Taylor – Receptionist

Mr Harrison – Office Assistant

Mrs Massey – Nursery & Cool Stars Accounts [Mondays & Fridays Only]


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Dobson – Nursery

Mrs Moore – Nursery

Mrs Wood – Reception

Ms Coleman – Reception

Miss Jones – Year 1

Mrs Glover – Year 2, Pastoral & Deputy-Safeguarding Lead

Miss Bradbury – Year 3

Ms Lestrange – Year 4

Mr Sharkey – Year 5

Miss Catterall – Key Stage Two

Mr McGowan – Year 5


Kitchen & Welfare Staff

Mrs Smith #1 – School Cook

Mrs Smith #2 – Assistant Cook

Mrs Hoyles – Welfare Staff

Miss Morris – Welfare Staff & Cool Stars

Mrs Naylor – Welfare Staff

Mrs Prior – Welfare Staff

Miss Steele – Welfare Staff

Ms Mcleod – Welfare Staff


Cool Stars Child Care Club

Mrs Brown – Manager

Mrs Massey – Accounts

Mrs Baker – Director

Mrs Green – Assistant

Miss Morris – Assistant

Mrs Redfern


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